Sutras on Sunday

So this Sunday, October 9th, we will be having a sutra discussion group after class. This group will try to meet over coffee, tea, or chai every Sunday morning for about an hour after class. We plan to meet at nine-thirty. Tentatively the sutra will be sutra 27 of the 2nd book.

More to follow,


One thought on “Sutras on Sunday

  1. Anne

    Here are Mike’s notes from our last meeting:

    – surrender: surrender to the car accident, surrender to the loss,
    surrender to what is
    – “good” and “bad” are meaningless concepts; they are not real; there is
    simply the reality of what is
    – when a practice or path “breaks us down”, it is breaking down our ego,
    our hold on our own view of the world; once that has been shattered, we
    have an opportunity to see the world (and ourselves) through new eyes
    – 72 layers of meaning in spiritual text
    – how often we find that a proposition and its opposite are both true

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