Sutra Discussion Sunday January 19

Dear all, our sutra group is back after the December 2019 hiatus. We’ll be meeting at 10:00-11:30 on Sunday January 19 in the “blue room” at YiY. Bring your translations as usual.

We plan to discuss sutras 2.53 and 2.54, the last sutra about the fourth limb of Ashtanga Yoga, pranayama, and the first about the fifth limb, pratyahara:

Sutra 2.53: dharanasu cha yogyata manasah
And the mind is now prepared for the process of direction toward a chosen goal.

Sutra 2.54: sva vishaya asamprayoge chittasya svarupe anukarah iva indriyanam pratyaharah
The restraint of the senses occurs when the mind is able to remain in its chosen direction and the sense disregard the different objects around them and faithfully follow the direction of the mind.

Translation and interpretation by TKV Desikachar

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