Sutra Discussion Jan 13 and Lunch

We’ll be meeting at 10:00 on Sunday January 13 at 318 W Dana St, 94041 (the big house), until 11:30. This will be followed by a lunch at 11:45 at Madras Cafe. If you cannot come to the discussion please join us for the lunch!

We plan to discuss the second sutra (2.41) about the first niyamashaucha, or cleanliness and purification.

2.41 Also through cleanliness and purity of body and mind (shaucha) comes a purification of the subtle mental essence (sattva), a pleasantness, goodness and gladness of feeling, a one-pointedness with intentness, the conquest or mastery over the senses, and a fitness, qualification, or capability for self-realization.

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