Sutra Discussion Group this Sunday Nov 17 10:00

Our group will be meeting at this Sunday Nov 17 at 10:00 at Karen’s house, 336 W Dana St, 94041, until 11:30. Bring your translations as usual.

For those of you who have not been to our discussion in some time, the format has changed in that the discussion is now facilitated by Ram, a Sanskrit and Vedanta scholar. We are very lucky to have him!

Narayanan Ramasamy, “Ram” was born in India. Ram learnt vedic chanting, Sanskrit and daily vedic rituals – suryanamaskara, pranayama, mantra initiation etc…, from his father, an orthodox Brahmin. From his teen years, he has had a deep interest in Indian spiritual practices and studies.

He renewed a deeper pursuit of spirituality in 1972 when he met Swami Chinmayananda in New York City. Ram left his research position for study at his gurukula in Mumbai. While studying Vedanta, Sanskrit and meditation, he also taught Sanskrit. He returned to the US and joined his Vedanta teacher, Swami Dayananda’s gurukula. There he designed and taught a Sanskrit curriculum that enabled students to study texts in Sanskrit on their own. At the end of this course, he got married and settled in Palo Alto, where he worked in the field of implantable medical devices until retirement. He has been teaching Vedanta and Sanskrit in Palo Alto since 1984.

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