Sutra Discussion Group Sunday July 19

Hi all,

Our group will be meeting next Sunday July 19 at 10:00 at Karen’s house, 336 W Dana St, 94041, until 11:30. Bring your translations as usual.

We plan to discuss Sutra 1.31 and 1.32 about the obstacles to yoga and how to overcome them :

Sūtra 1-31
दुःखदौर्मनस्याङ्गमेजयत्वश्वासप्रश्वासा विक्षेपसहभुवः। (३१)

Duḥkhadaurmanasyāṅgamejayatvaśvāsapraśvāsā vikṣepasahabhuvaḥ.

(Duḥkha-daurmanasya-aṅgamejayatva-śvāsa-praśvāsāḥ vikṣepa-saha-bhuvaḥ) (31)
Sorrow, dejection, unsteadiness of the body, inhalation and exhalation co-exist with distraction. (31)


Sūtra 1-32
तत्प्रतिषेधार्थमेकतत्त्वाभ्यासः। (३२)


(Tat-pratiṣedha-artham eka-tattva-abhyāsaḥ) (32)

(Let there be) practice of a single principle for removal of these (disease, pain etc.,)

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