Sutra Discussion Feb 28 Update

We gathered for a Sutra discussion on Sunday night (Feb 28) following the meditation class. We started with the second book (pada) on practice.

The first sutra of the second book in Sanskrit: Tapahsvadyayaishvarapranadanani Kriyayogah.

“Kriya yoga is the yoga of practice or action and is comprised of tapas (austerity, discipline, literally cooking), svadyaya (study or self-study) and Ishvara pranadana (surrender to God). ”

We discussed how this differs from the second sutra of the first book: yogaschitta vritti nirodha, yoga is the intentional calming of the turbulence of the individuated field of consciousness. These three practices or disciplines or states of mind (tapas, svadyaya and Ishvara pranadana) are also three of the five niyamas, the second limb of ashtanga yoga. So it is all connected and inter-related.

We talked about what tapas is and is not, and about the logical structure of the yoga sutras. We also brought up the differences between East and West with regards to ethical behavior.

We will continue with the second book and start in on the kleshas, the obstacles to yoga, when we meet next time on Sunday, March 28 at 7:15 at the studio. Feel free to join us!

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