Sutra Chanting on Wednesdays through September

Hi folks,

To be clear, we have Sutra discussion group about every month, usually the second Sunday evening of the month.

Sherry and I have also commenced chanting “without discussion” once a week early in the morning. For the rest of September it will be on Wednesdays at six am and concluding at 630. As before we will chant some short chants and then do a portion of the first Pada of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

This is especially timely as I have word that Jayashree and Narasimhan will be visiting San Francisco in early November (8-9th) for two days to teach chanting and philosophy. For reference the tune that David has been using for the opening invocation daily is taken from what he and the rest of us who study with them in Mysore have learned from Jayashree. She is a retired Sanskrit professor and singer from Mysore that stands as quite an example of Indian culture, history, and philosophy. Her cousin Narasimhan has a knowledge of Indian Philosophy that’s rather like an encyclopedia to say the least. He spent 15 years as an assistant to Maharishi Mahesh yogi during which time he taught Transcendental Meditation to many people. He is a teacher of teachers, and while we won’t have him at YIY this time, if you are interested in going attending chanting in the mornings is a great way to get started and prepare for their visit.

To recap, we are meeting next Wednesday the 22nd at six am if you can manage to awaken early one more day in your week.



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