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Hello all,

This upcoming Sunday, August 12, Mojdeh will teach the Mysore class. It is technically a moonday but we are still running the class as usual so come and enjoy her teachings.

The Sutra discussion group will not meet this moonday but more on the schedule for meetings is coming soon.

Enjoy your practices!


One thought on “Sunday sub

  1. jean roberts

    Hi Heleen and Adash
    Just finished my second day of practice at Darby’s studio. It was great. There are only about 15ish people here. I practice along side Jaonne for a while, her Kapotasana was amazing…Got lots of adjust ment from Darby who adust me and said, your leg would burn and they did. His adjustment it you work harder for sure. The way he adjust my backbend is interesting. He holds me quite high up near my ripcage and never let my hands get close to the floor, or I could not he thinks. At one of the pull up from my drop back, he actually puts one hand on my collar bone beneath my throat with his palm and drew me up that way, it forces me to put all my focus on my front when I come up. I thought that was neat.
    I said hi to them for you. And you wouldn’t believe how funny they talked of you when I told them you are going to be a father. They said you used to have long hair running around (I could not picture that) and they couldn’t believe you are actually working……. And then Joanne started telling me about having her first baby at Mysore, when she got to the clinic in the early morning, the cleaners actually came out under the birth table to made room for them, and she practice till birth against the Indian docter’s advise not to. It was very funny….
    Take care,

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