Sub schedule in June

Hey all,

I want to congratulate everyone for their enthusiasm and support, we had a rousing 27 students at Mysore on Wednesday. And thanks to Ken for his chai. It keeps us all going in the morning.

To keep things evenly spaced we would like to encourage students who can fit it in their schedules to come later at 7 – 7:30am if possible.

Philippe and I are planning trips this next week, here are the subs in parenthesis:

Tuesday 6/7 for Mysore (Jennifer Morrison/Dave Hamilton)
Wednesday 6/8 for Mysore (Philippe)
Thursday 6/9 Mysore (Philippe/Dave)
Sunday 6/12 Mysore (Jennifer)
Monday 6/13 Mysore (Jennifer)

I will return June 14th and Philippe on June 15th.

That’s all the news for now,



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