Studying the Yoga Sutras like doing Vinyasa/Flow yoga

Come join me this Saturday (in person and online) as we study the Siddhis – the mystic powers from meditation. No prior knowledge of the sutras required. Please register if you are interested and find all the information below:

The Sanskrit word “sutra” and the english word “suture” share the same root which means thread. Just as Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that “these worlds are strung on me like gems on a string”, the yoga sutras are like gems of knowledge woven on a thread of a sequential flow of understanding.

People who have done Vinyasa or flow yoga, especially Ashtanga Vinyasa, will know the importance of maintaining a “flow state” using the Ujjayi breath and the bandhas and not staying excessively long in a pose, lest they should lose their flow state. Studying the yoga sutras is just like doing Vinyasa flow yoga or like crossing a stream by running on rocks. The teacher needs to keep the students engaged and progress through the sutras at a healthy pace to maintain the thread of continuity. Stay too long and you enter a state of lassitude; stay too less and your mind does not settle down.

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