Structural Integration with Mitchell

We asked Mitchell to explain a little of what he does in his bodywork,
Structural Integration (aka ‘Rolfing’)

From Mitchell:

Structural Integration (SI), developed by Ida P. Rolf, is a system of
body work developed to align and balance the body. SI focuses not on
the muscles but on their protective layer, ‘fascia’, lengthening and
repositioning to create a new level of integration.

Yoga students have found this method valuable in developing greater
levels of freedom, as well as moving through older aches and pains.

Students can derive benefits and structural alignment from a single session,
or a group of three or five successive sessions. The full series is completed
in ten progressive sessions.

If you have something going on that you have been wanting to have checked,
or you have always wanted to find out what it was to be “rolfed,” this is a good
chance to check out the work.

Mitchell has been giving this work for eight years, and has worked with
yoga students for the last four. Please let him know if you (or someone you
know) has interest in sessions while he’s in town.

You can email him at SMitchellGold at or
you can talk to him any day after class.



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