Special class this Sunday

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The ashtanga yoga practice is a difficult but beautiful practice, made more difficult from time to time by the obstacles that come from the practice itself or from our life that make it difficult to maintain our practice. This can range from a blister to having a child. This can be the fear we hold for one stubborn asana, or how age changes our practice. Whatever the reason, change happens, and sometimes it can make it much more difficult to do what we could do before. How do you maintain a yoga practice THEN?

This Sunday I’d like to gather and address what it means to practice when things are suddenly different, and for whatever reason you find yourself unable to do your normal practice. We will also address acceptable variations we can use for various asanas, and talk about how to deal with the mind as you navigate these times.

Suggested donation is 20/25 dollars, but don’t let money stop you from attending, no one will be turned away. Bring yourself, your experience in the practice, and be prepared to share and talk about both. We will talk some, practice some, and talk a little more.

Class will run from 1-3 pm, this Sunday, February 24th. Hope to see you there.


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