Some small updates

Hi folks,

A few things to let you know about:

1. Breakfast for Eva. There was a shower, but I blinked and missed it. And so did some other folk, so I am doing a breakfast at my house this Saturday at 1000 am for those who want to just have breakfast to honor Eva and Alex and her little guy coming. Email me or ask if you want the address to join us.

2. Friday morning next week is a moon day. When this happens the tradition is to move the led class from Fri to Thur so we still end the week with primary and preferably as a group. We will announce this as much as possible and please spread the word. Led class next week will be on Thur at 700 am, the 17th. And moon day is on the 18th, so there will be no class that day.

3. Speaking of led primary, if you came really early you might have noticed a few of us practicing to led primary with the Sharath led primary CD very very early in the morning last Friday. For the immediate future we will be doing this. If you want to join us for led primary very early and get to work early, our start time is 530 am and the finish is about 10 to 7. This way you can still partake in a led class of sorts. And you are also welcome to practice mysore style if ever you need to.

I will edit this or post a comment to let you all know whether we will do an early practice next Thur, presumably yes but stay tuned for confirmation.

4. Nancy’s weekend workshop is filling up fairly quickly and the prices will go up next Tuesday so do sign up if you would like to before then.

5. Sutra discussion will happen this Sunday the 13th at 7 pm.

That’s all for now.

Take care and see you all soon,


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