Siddhis: The mystic powers from meditation

I have been doing presentations on the Yoga Sutras where we study the sanskrit meanings of the sutras, listen to the chants and correlate with other yogic texts. We studied several self contained units like the “The yoga practice as defined by Patanjali” and “Foundation for Ashtanga Yoga”. Another self contained set included “Ashtavangani 1 & 2”. Now we will study the third set : Siddhis – the mystic powers from meditation 1 & 2.

I had already presented “Siddhis-1” earlier this year but for the sake of continuity will offer it again along with part 2. Please register if you are interested. You can find more information below. If you are interested in having me host this from your studio, please let me know.

The previous yoga sutra slides and presentations can be found here:

My desire is to help people get a succinct and clear understanding of the sutras along with the Sanskrit word-by-word meanings, the context and the larger message by connecting with other yogic texts. My goal is to make it interesting and practical while sticking to tradition.

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