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Hi all,
I just came across this on the net (through yogamum’s blog of April 21 ) and thought I’d post it here in case anyone reading it is interested in helping Annie Pace complete her wonderfully visioned project of creating a santuary for Ashtangis and other spiritual practitioners to practice in Crestone, Colorado. 

About Shakti Sharanam
Shakti Sharanam is a 100% intentionally built center, dedicated to spiritual practices and providing a haven for practitioners worldwide. It sits on a gentle hillside in Crestone, Colorado with the 14,000 ft peaks of the Sangre De Cristo mountains as an Eastern backdrop. This is the home of the new Shala and small residence currently under construction. Both buildings are strawbale construction, with photovotaic electricity and solar radiant heat, thus low impact and highly efficient. This project embodies the commitment to Yogic Tradition as well as sustainable building and living.
I invite you to help realize this vision by contributing in any way to help complete the project.  My personal resources have been exhausted in the purchase of the land, excavation, and the first phase of construction. I hope to complete the project with assistance from those who share the intention of holding the Ashtanga lineage, with integrity and joy, and who have the resources to help. Assistance now will also reduce long term overhead so that I may continue to offer instruction on a sliding scale basis. My heart will NOT allow me to turn a spiritual practice into a commercial enterprise!
Immediate funds are needed to proceed with plastering, fixtures, flooring, and finish carpentry. In-kind donations, recycled materials, and Karma Yoga are also most graciously accepted.  Please call for details and current schedule. A huge Thank You to those who have already assisted to manifest this vision!
 Certainly money is needed for the actualization of this goal (approximately $25,ooo more by May), but most important are your prayers and well-wishes embracing this endeavor! A blessing for the Shala has been scheduled for April 29th.  Please contact me for details and check the website for updates. Much Love is There. Thank You!   

Annie Pace
Box 1125
Crestone, CO 81131
(719) 256-5668  or  +91 9945 136 158
Cindy Cleary, project assistant

This is from her website – www.


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