Schedule for next week plus a little more

Hi folks,

So most of you have probably heard from Kirsten and Mitchell that they were able to extend their stay one more week. With the Moon day Monday, Dec. 2nd, the teaching schedule will be as follows:

Sunday Dec. 1st: Anne Kirsten and Mitchell 7:30 – 9:30 am
Monday Dec. 2nd: Moon Day no class
Tuesday Dec. 3rd: Kirsten and Mitchell 6-9 am
Wednesday Dec. 4th: Kirsten and Mitchell 6-9 am
Thursday Dec. 5th: Kirsten and Mitchell 6-9 am
Friday Dec. 6th: Kirsten and Mitchell 6-9 am (Note no Led only Mysore)

Enjoy the last week with them, and I will see you Sunday all the next week. Beata should be back with us 12/18 fresh with some love from India.

Thanks for showing up on the mat and enabling us to bring you so many good teachers.

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