Schedule changes

As Heraclitus wisely said and Sabina reminded it recently ‘The only constant in life is change’ so is our schedule. Because of approaching summer, warmer weather, sharing spaces with the dance class, different schedules and some vacation travels (What?!) our practice schedule will have to be adjusted as well. Is it set in stone? No. It will keep changing as our lives do. So thank you for your flexibility and understanding. But for the nearest future…

Starting this week on Monday and Wednesday we will have earlier Mysore practice in the park 7:30-9am. The timing is set loosely. If you need to come early or bit later that’s ok. Just keep in mind that on Monday the dance class starts at 9am unless you like upbeat music for Shavasana;-)

On Zoom we will have only self practice, Monday through Thursday. I apologize to those who can’t come to park and join us for in person practice. I will try to come up with some way to help you with your practice but meantime that’s what it is. If you are practicing on Zoom and have a question or a concern about your practice please contact me and I will try to help you somehow. Meantime let’s see how it goes.

Thank you for sticking around, for your dedication and support of our program. I hope we all meet in the studio very soon. Stay healthy!

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