Samadhi Pada Sutra 6

Samadhi Pada Sutra 6pramana: valid knowledge, experienced knowledge, correct knowledge, which is studied and verified, proof, or evidence

viparyaya: inverted, perverse, contrary

vikalpa: doubt, indecision, hesitation, fancy, imagination, or daydreaming

nidra: sleep, a state of emptiness

smrtayah: memory

pramana viparyaya vikalpa nidra smrtayah

They are caused by correct knowledge, illusion, delusion, sleep, & memory (BKS Iyengar)

The 5 activities are comprehension, misapprehension, imagination, deep sleep, and memory (Desikachar)

[Summarized:] The five categories of apparent mvmts of mind are: proven theory, unsound thinking or wrong knowledge, fancey or hallucination or imagination, a state of dullness or sleep, memory. (Venkatesananda)

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