Samadhi Pada Sutra 5

Hi all – Here’s a belated update on 1.5-1.7 from the previous moonday.

Samadhi Pada Sutra 5

vrttayah: movements, modification
pancatayyah: fivefold
klista: afflicting, tormenting, distressing, painful
aklistah: untroubling, undisturbing, unafflicting, undistressing, pleasing

vrttayah pancatayyah klista aklistahThe movements of consciousness are fivefold. They may be cognizable or non-cognizable, painful or non-painful.(BKS Iyengar)

There are 5 activities of the mind. Each of them can be beneficial and each can cause problems (Desikachar)

These apparent movements or states or moods of the mind, which are concepts, ideas or images in it can all be grouped under 5 categories, irrespective of wehther they are experienced as painful or non-painful, and whether or not they are covertly or clearly tainted by the five-fold afflictions described later. (Venkatesananda)

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