Sad Announcement

Hi all,

It is with much sadness I have to announce that near the end of this month I will be relocating to Portland, Oregon.

Einar has been asking me to move for a long time, I resisted for as long as I could, and at a certain point I had to listen.

I had hoped to have longer before I left, but a friend there has changed jobs, and asked me to take over her existing program, AshtangaYogaPortland, as soon as possible. Because I knew you were in good hands here, I agreed to go.

I have worked hard in India to finalize a schedule of teachers through the end of June, and Yoga is Youth should have a permanent teacher scheduled fairly soon. This next week will be my last week of teaching at YIY.

I hope over the course of this month to have time to talk to each of you, please don’t hesitate to email or call. My contact info is on my website.

I love you guys, and will really miss each and every one of you. Keep doing your practice, may it take each of us through this and every experience.

Peace and Love,


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