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For those who have asked for my details to pass onto family, friends, close colleagues, here they are:

Web sites: and

And for those interested in the research we’re just completing on the measurement of pelvic floor muscles in women

I have also been asked to run another workshop on pain and the movement system, specifically related to yoga students and teachers. Although the theoretical aspects will be the same, for the practical component, would anyone who has a preference let me know whether they would like me to focus on the neck and shoulder or back and hip?

There is no fixed date as yet either, but it’ll be before the end of the year. If anyone who would be interested in going has some dates they are unavailable for, please do let me know.

Many thanks


2 thoughts on “Ruths Contact Details

  1. Robyn Miller

    I am definitely interested and know quite a few others who are as well. I see alot of people with neck and shoulder pain. Could you do 2 workshops, 1 on neck and shoulder and 1 on back and hip?

  2. ruthlovegrove

    Yes I can do both, it all depends on timetabling. I wouldn’t recommend doing both at the same time though just because there is so much information and it could end up being pretty confusing (for me also!). Perhaps I could do one one month, then the other the second. I’ll talk to Joseph and Sabrina, see what they think is do able.

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