Ruth and daughter at Hamish’s in London


What a wonderful surprise it was to walk into Astanga Yoga London and see a cute blonde haired girl with a Stanford t-shirt on. “She looks familiar” I thought. We had a nice chat. After starting practice who do I see over on the other side of the studio but Ruth. It all came together: Ruth and her daughter are in London! Ruth and I exchanged a warm (literally and figuratively), massively sweaty hug and had a quick chat too. It was great to see her! -Lori

2 thoughts on “Ruth and daughter at Hamish’s in London

  1. ruthlovegrove

    the feeling was mutual Lori! Great to see you, hope to pop in again before my return to California.
    Hannah and I had flown into London the previous day, so to practice was essential for my grounding. I am SO thankful I have found this practice. To walk into a place and immediately feel at home, wherever you are in the world is such a gift. Has anyone else noticed how the energy in studios is very very different:-) Maybe its London, maybe its nothing to do with that at all….but even Hannah noticed how “quick” everyones practice seemed to be…and I was completely caught up in that too. No messing about…bish bash bosh…job done and “next” shouted the uber sprightly Hamish 🙂

    See you all soon



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