Reiki Workshop

This is from one of our yogis, Liliana, who will be hosting the following workshop at her apartment.

Creating Balance and Awaken the Senses

October 5 & 6, 2019 in Sunnyvale California from 12-6pm
First Degree Reiki training -with Jenna Keck, Reiki Master from Hawaii.
The basic healing practice of Reiki is a precise sequence of hand positions on self and others for healing, comfort, and well-being. Reiki addresses the process of spiritual growth and development, as it touches and nourishes the core of our mind and body for a lasting healing. It can begin with becoming more sensitive to what the body needs nutritionally, healing repressed emotional trauma, awakening to personal innate gifts, deepening the capacity for nourishing relationship, developing work that is the truest expression of the authentic self. Whatever it is… it starts with you.

In this two-day class you will learn first degree Reiki techniques and integrate them into your daily life. When this class concludes, you will have the competency to clear blocked energy, transform negative thought patterns, increase the flow of life-force energy, treat self, others and so much more.

Class space is limited and fills quickly. Register today, you can reach Jenna at 408-621-4102 or

Local contact and host is Liliana Sirazetdova 347-265-3109, address will be provided with registration.

Class fee for this event is $570, 3 spots remaining, first come first serve. 

Jenna Keck is a full-time Reiki Master, member of The Reiki Alliance and ordained minister. She is committed to practicing and teaching Reiki the way it was first introduced outside of Japan to the Hawaiian Islands in 1936. Her first experience in Reiki training was in 2011, when considering back surgery for 5 herniated disks and sciatic pain. Reiki provided a natural lasting healing outcome that did not require medication and surgery. This discovery propelled her in becoming a Reiki Master to share this potent mind, body, soul healing experience with others. Alliance members are guided by a professional code of ethics that represents many years of direct apprenticeship with experienced masters.

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