Pro Bono face shields available, new clear plastic front

Dainuri asked me to post this:

We are providing them to one and all, especially for folks who need one for travel and have not been able to get them, and are in high risk groups like elders, and of course front line retail and care center applications.  

Here is the evaluation received after sending one to a prominent ER physician (on the front lines)

 Thank you Dainuri!  Last night I used one that was designed/manufactured by someone at Apple.  So all in all, I have tried 4 at work, plus yours.  Yours is on par with the others out there and I like the changeable face shield and general size and distance from face.

Voluntary donation – if you want to help us continue to do this, you can paypal us at
Our material cost, no labor, is $20
We can ship out UPS nationwide daily, contact us for shipping cost and then paypal that amount.  Rapid turn already available, already sent units to NY state. Talk to us about possible high volume needs world wide. We have resources to address this.
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Cell: 650 313 7267

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