Private Room in Palo Alto

Offering private room in a three-bedroom home in the Palo Alto Midtown area (about two miles from Stanford) in exchange for watching out for our Dad.  

Dad is an 87-year old MIT Engineer turned entrepreneur and widower as of a few years back. He lives alone and is relatively self-sufficient most the time. His favorite activity these days is watching basketball and football games. However, he occasionally needs a little help. Dad is quiet and pleasant to be with but generally prefers to keep to himself.  His short-term memory is significantly diminished.  

Tenant Responsibilities: 

  • Expect about 10-20 minutes a day
  • Confirm he is taking his Medication (minimal)
  • Reporting any noticeable changes concerning his behaviors or needs.
  • Assist with occasional errands such as driving him to the grocery store, to get a haircut or to a doctor’s appointment (for example) – he no longer drives.

Four siblings visit as much as possible and care dearly for his wellbeing.  Unfortunately, none live in close-proximity and Dad prefers not to leave his home of 50 years.  Therefore, responsible and caring eyes on him, daily, would provide a helpful resource for him and his siblings.

This is from a friend of Elaine’s daughter. Elaine and Ken are the first point of contact (, 650-494-0255;, 650-856-8836). Please do pass this around, if you personally would recommend the person for the situation. Thank you.

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