Pranayama benefits as described in ancient yogic traditions

During this time, while Pranayama is recommended as a breathing exercise to improve lung capacity and immunity, there are many other far ranging benefits as described in ancient texts. One can believe it as such or take it as a hyperbole, but here is what ancient yogic traditions say about Pranayama as described by this Yogi living in the Gangotri.

  1.  Pranayama results in cleaning of the nadis (the pathways along which the prana flows). This is called Nadi Shodhana. It opens up the mind and the heart.
  2. It clears the latent negative impressions left from previous lifetimes
  3. If you practice for 5 minutes everyday for a week with mindfulness, you get a better understanding of the control of the breath and which nadis are active (among Ida, Pingala and Sushumna) at any instant.
  4. If you practice for 10 minutes a day for a week with awareness, you get several insights and inner strength. Your vocabulary becomes rich and you use apt words in your speech that you never have heard of before. 
  5. After half an hour of daily practice for a month, unwanted stuff (Ama) in the body is shed.
  6. After one hour of dedicated daily practice for a month, the body is cleansed and it develops a divine smell.
  7. After two hours of daily practice for a month, one enters beautiful states of mind and identification with the body and sense objects is diminished significantly.
  8. After three hours of daily intense practice for two months, one is able to cut through the identification with the body. This is the beginning of self-realization.  

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