Practicing through what may come 2/24

Hi folks,

At some point in our beloved practice of Ashtanga Yoga we will face some kind of obstacle to our practice. To practice when it’s easy is daunting enough, to practice when we are in pain or unable to do parts of our practice can be overwhelming.

I’d like to do a small mini workshop/class to address how to keep practicing when the going get’s tough. I’d like to do it the Sunday after next, 2/24, from 1-3 pm at the studio. Format will be a little practice but mostly Darshan. That is to say, some talking, and the demonstration and practice of some modifications to our practice that can help us to get through the times when it’s hard to keep going. I’d like the format to be open, too, in the sense that I’d like people to feel free to bring whatever obstacle they currently find to their practice, and allow ourselves the opportunity to discuss. I think we have some accumulated wisdom in the group to share in this regard.

For Mysore monthly unlimited members this class will be by suggested donation of $20/25. Don’t let money stop you from coming. Please let me know if you want to attend. If we have 8-10 people interested we will hold the class now. We can also try it later on in April if it doesn’t work for people’s schedules now.

Take care and see you all soon.


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