Photo Shoot this Saturday 5/19 and beyond

Hi folks,

I will have the sign up sheets out for the first day of our yiy photo shoot this Saturday afternoon between 2 and 5 pm. We do need people to sign up for specific times. If you can’t make this Saturday don’t be concerned I expect we will be doing this monthly with various photographers for a number of months.

Why are we doing this:

1. Fun – You don’t have to be a yoga rock star to strike your own pose

2. Charity – When we make some sort of book or calendar from these photos proceeds will go to charity. Please know we feel strongly people should have absolute choice about their images.

3. Posterity – To record in some small outward sense the way you have spent some serious inward time

So no pressure, this is meant to be for fun and for a good cause. I’ve gone back and forth myself about images and image taking in yoga, at the end of the day I am convinced there is always more to learn, in each experience, and whatever increases our awareness can be a good thing.

See you all on the mat,



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