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Hi all,

It was wonderful to see the ones of you I was able to see in Mt. View for a few delightful moments of class together.
As I mentioned to those I saw in person, I am very happy to let you all know that Peter Sanson is going to be in Berkeley later this month, Vance Selover is hosting him for a week of Mysore classes April 22nd to 27th. You can find the listing on And the following week, April 29th to May 4th he will be up here in Portland for the week to teach Mysore classes here.

I met Peter in Mysore in 2000. He’s a rare bird, one that’s devoted his life to the practice,  a humble guy that’s spent the last 20 years living a good half of the year practicing in India. He only really teaches when we ask him to do it, more accurately beg him to do it. He’s not a technical teacher like David, he’s a lot more like Dominic, what I would call a more dark style teacher, one that’s more about the depth and less about the detail. He is very positive, and a has a unique and spiritual presence. Definately worth the drive to Berkeley, and I would sign up quickly if you are interested, as I would also expect it to fill fast.

There were a few fliers at YIY for Berkeley, and if you want a flier or registration for Peter’s week in Portland you can see for more details. I have students here with spare rooms if you need a place to stay, and I can promise it will be a really wonderful time of year to be here.

Thank you to all that made me feel welcome back in Mt. View, you are all wonderful, as always, and I am glad to see you all practicing and thriving with Adarsh and Heleen and Dave and Beata and Philippe and Mojdeh. You are all wonderful, and maybe I’ll see you all in October, if not sooner in Portland.

Take care and be well,

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  1. Adarsh & Heleen

    Hi Ann,
    Thanks for the post and notes on Peter. It was great to see you as well!

    Till next time,

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