Peter Sanson in Portland

Hi all,

So I have to say things are just beginning to sink in.

Last week I had a call from Elena, she’s the lady I am teaching in the place of now in Portland. An old friend Peter Sanson is coming to visit, and we decided to have him teach a tiny workshop.

So since we’ve set it up and a few of the teacher have found out about it, I now have two teachers flying in for the week of practice with him. That tells you a little of who he is.

Basically Peter Sanson went to India in 1985 and has barely ever left. Other than a few months of the year to work on his parent’s farm in New Zealand, and then to teach a few workshops, he’s stayed in India to practice with Guruji. He’s made it his life to study this practice. Him coming out of India is rare, as is the opportunity to practice with him.

So I wasn’t going to say anything, but as people are signing up I am basically realizing that it is really an amazing thing to have happening. So far the workshop is small, and we expect it to stay so.

If you want further details see

And if you want to come and see Portland let me know. Its a really cool town and its a beautiful spring here.



2 thoughts on “Peter Sanson in Portland

  1. bridget walsh

    Dear Anne,
    Have youherd if Peter Sanson is doing any more workshops in the future? i know that he doesn’t put the word out way in advance. i heard that he might do a week or two in new zealand in december 2006??? if you hear of anything, i would be delighted.

  2. Anne

    Hi Bridget,

    So email me if you want me to pass on your email to him, he can put you on his list. I don’t know the exact timing but he is doing two weeks in New Zealand starting sometime Dec 2006 for sure. He’s not good about publishing but when he left Portland he did have a list of emails, I think he send stuff out.

    AnneFinstad at,



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