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Hi folks,

Much as I love Mysore, and practicing here, I am very much looking forward to coming home and seeing all of you.

I am delighted to also be bringing someone to YIY in October that I was lucky enough to see in Mysore.



Most of you probably haven’t heard of Peter Sanson, and there’s a good reason for that. When I arrived in Mysore for my first time in 2000, Peter Sanson was one of about eight people in Mysore here. He had been living in Mysore for the better part of the year for 12 years.

He was in fact the person to introduce me to Jayashree, so that I could attend her chanting and Sanskrit classes. He was a helpful, kind, and a positive soul. While most of us would go back and fourth to Mysore, maintaining shalas and teaching regularly, Peter resisted because his genuine desire was to be at the foot of his guru as much as he could possibly be. His retreats at home in New Zealand would have 50+ students in attendance, all mysore style. My experience is that people who have experienced his teaching will move mountains to get to his workshops and classes.

In 2006 when I first moved to Portland, OR, I hosted Peter together with Elena Cartesegna. It was small, but people flew in from CA and New Mexico just to study with him for the week.

I asked Peter in 2000 what series he was on, and all he would tell me was that Guruji had given him poses for many years, and lately Guruji had been taking them away. And a smile. From his qualifications we know he’s finished fourth, from his person, you get that it’s never been about the poses for him. He’s kind, he’s present and lovely. He knows how to ground us in the moment. And he is very good at conveying the magic that was Guruji.

He will be at YIY for three short days, but also be with Magnolia at Mysore SF for four days before (9/21-25), and with Vance Selover at Ashtanga Yoga Berkeley for two four day stints (9/26-10/4). I highly recommend you attend what you are able to attend.

Also, finally, if you are curious, Peter set the pricing for these workshops with only a little input from his hosts. It further reflects his eschewing the commercial side of yoga, and not the quality of his instruction. IE this won’t be super expensive. Registration for his YIY workshop will open September 5th, space will be limited.

6 thoughts on “Peter Sanson

  1. jgs

    Peter will also be teaching in san francisco at Mysore SF, just prior to his teaching in berkeley.

  2. Jennifer

    Peter is wonderful! Besides being one of the loveliest people you could meet; I attribute not needing to have knee surgery for a torn meniscus to his guidance.

  3. Vera Simoes

    We had the priviledge to have him here in Portugal, he made a remarkable difference in the way we practice and in the way we feel our practice. He is an amazing teacher, that creates a very special internal environment for our practice.

  4. Anne Post author

    Joe, there are some technical difficulties with getting your comment posted at the moment, I believe, but yes, he is planning to do a conference for us. We are just confirming what time it will be held.


  5. shannon smith

    I studied with Peter in 2004-5. He brought a grounding and depth to the practice room that i had never experienced. He is a very rare teacher. I envy anyone to experience his love firsthand. I felt blessed to know him.

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