The Powerful yet Ignored Limbs of Yoga

At the outset, to a lay reader of the Sutras, the Yamas and Niyamas often look like cliches. After all, aren’t we taught in kindergarten to be truthful and maintain cleanliness ? But Patanjali, uses a language that is uncharacteristically emphatic for the sutras, to emphasize their importance. Read more below if you are interested:–SJUpGHGsccfgS6k

You are also welcome to attend the free presentation this Saturday on Ashtavangani- the 8 limbs of yoga Part 1.

May be an image of flower, tree and text that says 'Yamas with Supportive Essences & Niyamas Aligned Ahimsa Don harm show groce colm o living Satya Truthfulness thought, speech action Question Sauca Purity mind, body& spirit heart~ question soul Grow toward Cleanliness& wholesomeness thought, true nature Asteya Cultivate faith from others Santosha Contentment with Whati mine through owareness wisdom Feeling fease, comfort occeptance Brahmacharya Horness my energy Tapas Self discipline with lightness balance Discipline oligned with proper behavior Present continued effort &with Divine consciousness time Svadhyaya Self-tudy& Aparigraha Proctice moderation both outwardly inwardly Palchasd Establish Non-attachment non-occumulation first, speak Roc Ûhwara Pranidhana Be humble, gracious respectful Divine ahi SamBellnsplezs'