Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala

While I have been visiting southern ca. and enjoying lovely warm weather and magic-lands of disney and seaworld with Nina, I’ve managed to continue my practice – thanks to a beautiful shala in Dana Point called Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala –, where Diana Christinson is teaching. The space is very peaceful, tranquil, warm and allows you to totally ‘let-go’ and Diana’s teaching is great – she has a wonderful style of making you go beyond your ‘limits’ but has a soft and sensitive way of doing it – encouraging you all along. With a few less students in the msyore class than YiY, I was lucky to have an adjustment in every other pose, and it felt great! I would highly recommend anyone travelling to Southern California, more specific Laguna beach, Dana Point, Irvine to definitely study with Diana – she also has two evening mysore classes in case you can’t make it the morning – what a treat!

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