Our one and only Ruth Jones

Is coming tomorrow. She will be in town for two weeks and run one or two clinics to treat people.

For anyone who doesn’t already know her, Ruth is a UK trained Physio (equivalent of a US PT with more extensive training than is given in the US). Additionally Ruth came to us years ago when she was here to finish her PhD at Stanford. Her specialty is the pelvic floor and she has written a book on back pain. She’s also owned a physio clinic in the UK and worked on people for more than 20 years. If you have something curious in your body that you would like her to give you some clarity on you can either see her at Yiy and speak to her there or email her on drruthcjones at gmail dot come.

If you haven’t already heard from me personally I am gone for Einar’s Father’s memorial and will be back with you Sunday. Dave will be teaching the early shifts tomorrow and Thursday, Beata is teaching late shift both days and Mojdeh will teach Friday morning’s Led Primary Series. Take care and see you all soon,


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