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Operation Shanti recently sent out an update, included below. I thought you might like to see how much our donations are helping. It is incredible to see how quickly it is turned into real help.

Many of you have know of Operation Shanti. On my first trip to Mysore I carried school supplies donated to them by the YiY community. I was lucky enough to get to deliver them in person, meeting the kids and staff. It was such a pleasure to spend time with them. We talked, they are very curious about the world outside of India, and played games. It was a very enjoyable afternoon. Many of the kids I met then are now the adults mentioned below giving back their community (the destitute) by cooking meals, delivering meals, groceries and masks. It is inspiring, and humbling.

Their update.

Thank you. Dhan’yavādagaḷu

The donations we are receiving from you are going here:

  • feed the homeless three times a week
  • pass out masks to the people living on the streets; they gladly take them
  • provide groceries and stipends to those we help, including poor, orphaned HIV+ kids, teens, and women, and other destitutes
  • install one more toilet at our children’s home so we can set up a second isolation room (hopefully won’t be needed but likely will be)

This grassroots work is making a difference at the individual level and helps the many going without help. They are the homeless and street vendors who cannot earn now because of the lockdown.

The vaccine situation is still unclear. We are monitoring it closely. Because of you, if the poor have to pay to get vaccinated safely (avoiding large crowds at public hospitals), we can now help them.

The testing situation is also changing. Supposedly, Mysore is limiting the number of free tests because those who can afford to pay for them are taking advantage so they can “advance book” a hospital room. 😡 But if the poor need to be tested, we can now get them one (about $18 for one RT-PCR test).

Our CEO In India said this about our kids (now adults) who are cooking and distributing food:

“These kids are just awesome! They are cooking this food with love, you can tell. The ingredients are the best, fresh veggies hygienically cleaned, good quality rice, real pure ghee and the delicious flavours. They know what life is like on the streets. Hunger, exposure to the harsh weathers, harassment by people and Police, these kids have seen it all. Now they are back on the street, but with a purpose to help other unfortunate people. How much better can it get! God bless these lovely kids of Operation Shanti.”

Our Facebook and Instagram accounts have a lot more photo and video updates on what we’re doing and who we’re helping.

Fundraiser links:

For India donors –

For non-India donors –

Our website –

After 16 years of helping out in India, we know what we can do and for whom.

Whatever it is you can do, do it for those who need help today.

The Operation Shanti Team


Whether it’s giving $5 or $500, every little bit helps during this crisis at the person-to-person level.

Operation Shanti
125 Gilbert Street Unit 3, San Francisco, CA, 94103
367 2nd Main, Gokulam 3rd Stage, Mysore, Karnataka 570002 India

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