Open Mike and more

Time seems to be rushing by & I feel that I’m about to leave this wonderful place already & haven’t had the chance to catch up with everyone at all.

So, Hannah is doing open mic at Red Rock cafe on Monday (starts at 7 but I have no idea what time she’ll be on). Anyone who fancies coming along it would be lovely to see you.

I leave for Burning Man Thursday, back Sunday ( thanks Phillipe & Fiona…!! ) & we leave for the UK Monday 🙁 But in the words of Arnie… we’ll be back 🙂


2 thoughts on “Open Mike and more

  1. Ruth l Jones

    PS Probably gonna eat in Mountain View after Hannah has done her session. Anyone who would like to join us, that would be wonderful. rX

  2. antonia

    dear ruth (and hannah), wish i were near enough to join in on all this. miss you. enjoy BM. love, a.

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