Zen Meditation

Every Sunday 8:30-9:05, sign up here.

This is a meditation session which requires no experience. We start with a short reading from a Zen text followed by a 30 minute silent sitting.

Here is more information on the posture for sitting.

This meditation is in the Soto Zen tradition as taught by Suzuki Roshi in the 1960’s in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here’s a pdf copy of his classic, Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind. (500k)

Here’s is the chant at the end of the sitting:

Dai sai geda puku
Mu so fuku den e
Hi bu nyo rai kyo
Ko do sho shu jo

Great robe of liberation
Field far beyond form and emptiness
Wearing the Tathagata’s teaching
Saving all beings

Japanese version of chant (hat tip Kazuyo Fujimori):

Dai sai geda puku     大哉解脱服(だいさいげだっぷく)大いなるかな解脱服、
Mu so fuku den e         無相福田衣(むそうふくでんえ) 無相福田の衣、
Hi bu nyo rai kyo         被奉如来教(ひぶにょらいきょう)如来の教えを身につけ、
Ko do sho shu jo