One Month Already!

Hello all,

A month has passed already since our start at YIY. We are slowly adjusting to the new surroundings and after having spent the first few weeks in Laurels wonderful home (bless you Laurel!) we have now moved into our own place (we’ll have you all over soon).

With us and our teaching-style being new to you, we would love to hear your feedback on how things are going. Any questions or comments are appreciated (doesn’t all have to be rosy).

For our part we want to thank you all for making us feel welcome and being willing to adjust to new circumstances.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat,

Heleen & Adarsh

2 thoughts on “One Month Already!

  1. stonerussell

    Adarsh and Heleen:

    Wow. The month has gone by fast!

    I’ve really enjoyed your teaching…in particular the amount of information you give while doing adjustments. I know it’s the more “traditional” Ashtanga way to give less information and leave it to the student to figure out the subtleties of each pose. But I make much more progress, much more quickly, when you share how to think about the biomechanics and breathing.

    You’re also both incredibly sweet people, and I can feel how happy you are to be teaching and the care you feel for us as students…which creates such a nice environment and makes it easier to drag myself to class on those days when I’m not up for it.

    And you laugh!! I find that so important in class. We all tend to take ourselves WAY too seriously, and I appreciate your reminding us that this practice is supposed to contain humor as well as struggle.

    So glad you’ve joined us.


  2. Marcus

    I’m also really glad that you joined YIY and I’m really happy to have you as teachers. I’m learning a lot from both of you! I really like the attention you give to each student, taking your time to explain things.


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