Notes on Friday’s Led Primary Series/ Nancy coming in Feb


So some people have commented that the class time of 700 am on Fridays is late for them to be able to make work. I am very aware of this issue, as the led class was canceled a few years ago for the reason. A good time could not be agreed upon and it stood in the way of people’s ability to practice.

I do think its important to have led class, although I am also open to the time class starts being a process of sorting out what is best for the most folks. So if you have feelings about this please email and we will see how things go and what the best course will be. For now, starting this Friday, we have Mysore from 630 to 7 for the folks who need to come early to practice and get to work earlier, and led class at seven for the rest of folks. If you need extra time to finish after seven you will not be kicked out, in fact if you want to practice later please come and do so. I don’t want to stand in the way of your practicing. And we will see how it goes.

Philippe is in process of putting up Nancy Gilgoff’s adjustment clinic workshop for February 28th through March 4th, this is a week long and we wanted to get it up sooner rather than later since attending may involve time off work for folks.

So you know we will have people in from out of town, and if you have any interest in hosting I am sure people would love to know this. Please email me or tell me when next you see me. Also there will be a weekend workshop March 5-6, we will put that registration up later in January. It will consist of two 3 hour workshops Sat and Sun afternoons.

Lastly as you can see from the schedule Nancy’s workshop will have a nine am Mysore practice component, if the adjustment clinic fills this will be closed but if we get closer to time and there are some spaces free we will open it to regular practitioners. Stay tuned for further details.



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