Next week MindBody class signups and more…

On Monday, we will be moving to MindBody sign up for classes on our schedule page. You will need to sign up at least 20 min before the class to attend, and receive your unique zoom link to join (even for self practice with the zoom group). Mysore self-practice classes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are complimentary, and so is Philippe’s Pranayama (as part of the rollover membership).

For Wednesday Mysore in the Park, the class is limited to 20 people and you must sign up to attend. If you have current membership you are all set, if you don’t, you will be asked to make a payment, with our usual options.

If you will have any issues with MindBody sign ups, please email me, sabina at yogaisyouth dot com or Stu. Please, please use the same email to sign in :).

About the re-opening.….As we are officially allowed to open on Monday, we are doing all we can to do it safely for everyone involved. We are planning to have soft opening on August 3rd (preliminary plan) with one or two classes a day to start. More on that in the next newsletter.
We will continue on with online and in-person classes as long as we see it for now. Stay tuned for our next newsletter with more details about the opening and the results of your survey. Psst…..most of you can’t wait to get back! So do we. We just want everyone to be safe.
But for now, we are adding the UV air “scrubber” to purify and disinfect the air between the classes, will have smaller classes at 12 people and have an option to have all 6 doors open in the large room, and working on a lot of points on the county’s site specific Protection Plan.

Thank you and Happy Practicing…

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