News from Fiona in Ireland

Hello YIY people
Well here I am back in Ireland and California seems like a beautiful dream!
So much I miss about my time there. I miss walking into YIY most mornings to unroll my mat and start my day. Always a friendly face or more for Chai and Chat after. What a great studio with top class teachers and students.
Being home is great and catching up with folk here is keeping me busy. My dog is taking me for long walks rain or shine. ( mostly rain)
My daughter Clodagh has just started back at high school and is very happy to be home. I am starting back teaching yoga next week.
The biggest challenge is being so far away from my husband. We keep each other entertained on Skype on how we are running our daily lives. We have never talked so much!
I missed your homecoming Anne. I am sure it feels great to be back in Mountain View.
I am hoping to get back in Oct for a few weeks so keep an eye out for me KarenJ
Missing you all
Best Fiona

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