New Zealand

I was in New Zealand recently, and dropped in on a few Ashtanga studios. I was a bit nervous at first about practicing in a different studio, but it was lots of fun.

Te Aro Astanga Yoga is in Wellington, and classes are taught by Mike Berghan and Victoria Grouden. It’s a very nice studio in downtown Wellington, and there are both morning (Mon/Wed/Fri) and afternoon (Mon-Fri) mysore classes. Thin sticky mats are spaced out evenly on the floor, and students either use these directly, or place their own mats on top. Mike and Victoria are very friendly and gave excellent adjustments (strong but also careful and gentle, and lots of them). There are lots of restaurants nearby for a post-practice breakfast or dinner.

Astanga Yoga Centre is in Auckland, and I went to the mysore classes in the morning (Tue/Thur/Sat) taught by Andre. Also a nice studio and friendly, and many excellent adjustments (including a very useful pasasana adjustment/advice to get the arm lower on the leg — easier on shoulders, and possible to straighten out a bit more). The classes were small (5 people), so plenty of attention. The address is 308 Great North Rd., and the nearest cross street is Bond St. (the Google map had returned the wrong location; there is another 308 Great North Rd further west).

The Yoga Academy is also in Auckland, and has morning (Sun-Sat) and afternoon (Tue-Thur) mysore classes, taught by several teachers. Classes sizes are larger (like YiY), so fewer adjustments (1 teacher for the classes I went to). The studio is in downtown, and also has showers. They are hosting Sharath’s NZ tour next week (some excitement for this — everyone asked if I would be around for it).

Looks like there is also Ashtanga in Hamilton , with a led class Mon and a mysore class Wed, but I did not get a chance to go.

John Scott (Philippe and Heleen’s old teacher) is also in the process of opening a yoga retreat centre on the South Island.

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