New sign up system starting Monday the 13th

Dear ashtangis,

Just a quick reminder that starting tomorrow YiY will have a new sign up system via MindBody. You will need to create an account if you don’t have one. You will receive confirmation e-mail with the link to our Zoom meetings. You will also have to use the same system to sign up for Mysore practice in the park. As I said before I will keep a cup of 20 people for Mysore in the park and the priority will have people with membership in case we run into a scenario that the class is overbooked. Also please check YiY website for new payment options. There is a new kind of membership for morning ashtangis that includes all the morning classes. Because our current Zoom Mysore with verbal adjustments became in person class I will turn one of the self practice days into Mysore. I will let you know soon what day it is going to be. So please stay tuned. And please be patient while we are moving to a new system. Hopefully the transition will be smooth.

Please stay safe, healthy and hydrated


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