New Mysore membership

Thank you all for your patience. There are so many moving parts, and I wanted to give more clarification for the memberships available to you now.
The new Mysore Membership is for you guys, those who are interested in attending any ashtanga led or mysore classes offered before 9am.
Unlimited YiY Membership is for all classes, morning, evenings…mysore, non-mysore.
For those legacy members who stuck with us through all this time, THANK YOU! If you previously had Limited (14 classes per month) membership, you now have Mysore Membership for the unlimited number of classes before 9am. The pricing should be adjusted as well with the next renewal. If you previously had Unlimited Membership plus Mysore, you now have Unlimited YiY Membership for all classes.
And the Non Mysore Membership is….eehhh, well, for non mysore classes 🙂

Thank you much!

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