New class times

Hi all,

I am excited to say that per the website, and many announcements over the last week or so in class, we have after ten years or so of Mysore class at YIY adjusted the regular class times Mon to Thur to 6-9 am. Friday’s led class and Sunday’s mysore class times will remain unchanged. Well done in your attendance and I hope that you all can reap some benefits from this adjustment of timing.

Logistically we ask for your support in one regard. They are shifting the start to the next class time to 1000 am to allow us the usual 1/2 hour or so after instruction time concludes so that you can do your finishing postures. If you can be done by 930 please please please do so. This allows the studio to sweep and maintain the general cleanliness of the room, and this is something we all over the long haul will benefit from too.
Regards, and see you all soon,

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