Mythology and Symbolism behind Asanas-2

Indian Mythology, especially the Mahabharata, considered the longest and one of the greatest epics in the world, is rich in symbolism through stories. In the second part of the “Mythology and Symbolism behind Asanas” series, we will look at asanas named after great yogis and rishis and also look at asanas named after mythical and worldly creatures. We will use several stories from the Mahabharatha to illustrate the symbolism behind the asanas. We will, for example, in the context of bakasana (Crane pose) see some riddles from one of the 5 gems in Mahabharatha, named “Yaksha Prashna or Dharma Baka Upakhyana”, the Riddles of the forest spirit (Yaksha) on Dharma.

You can find more details on this presentation (taking place on Sat. July 16, 2022 at 1:30 pm PDT)here. You can access the 1st part and other presentations here.

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