Mysore practice

Hello everyone,

We have arrived in Mysore safely and have had our first practice at the Shala this morning with Sharath and Saraswathi. Guruji is still resting at home (upstairs).

It is wonderful to be back here and to be back in India. The typical Indian smells (good and bad), the stunning colours everywhere (from flowers to sari’s) and the crazy traffic on the roads (cows, cars, rickshaws, motorbikes, dogs, trucks, carts, bicyclists, scooters, pedestrians…etc.) make us feel right back at home.

It’s been wonderful to see old friends again, to be back on the scooter and to be back in “the magic room” at the shala. There are probally 40 or so students here, although more are arriving daily. As July approaches things will probably be back in full swing.

We hope you are all enjoying your practices with Lizzie, Beata and Dave and send you many colourful thoughts from Mysore, India

Heleen & Adarsh

One thought on “Mysore practice

  1. Joseph

    Glad you’re in Mysore safe and sound and having fun, thanks for the news.

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