Mysore practice in the park

This coming Wednesday April 21st we will have Mysore practice in the park. Because it is still rather chilly in the morning we will try later morning time 8:30-10am. Again we will be meeting on the basketball court in Peer’s Park in Palo Alto. I will be dropping my kids at school on my way to teaching so please don’t be alarmed if you arrive before me. If you are early just claim the basketball court and start practice. Please have your mask on when you move around but you can practice without your mask. Good news is that the restrooms in the park are open. Please sign up on YiY website if you want to participate. No walk-ins. Anne will bering chai so pleas have your cup with you. This is so exciting!

It is an additional practice time so I will still teach online class at 6:30 unless there is no interest for that.

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