My thanks

Hey folks,

I just wanted to stop for a minute and say thank you.

For years this has been a special community and we all know that.

And people do try to pin it on one thing or another, but really I just wanted to give credit where credit is due, and say that every last one of you reading has been a part and a contributor to this community.

So whether you show up a lot or a little, whether you say hi to folk after practice or you don’t, whether you bring chai or you just help us all drink it (:-)), whether you own the studio or teach or not, and whether or not you have ever folded a blanket or swept the floor, you have done something to help us keep the light and the practice alive. It does make a difference.

Regards, and happy holidays,


6 thoughts on “My thanks

  1. SSR

    Thank YOU Anne … both for the post and for your years of inspired teaching and dedication and love. The YIY Ashtanga community has always been a beacon for me and I share your gratitude for the participation of all.

  2. tuuli

    being a new member of the community, being a person not active in any communities in general, being the one who does not always say hi and skips the tea… I do NOT want to miss this opportunity to THANK anne and you all for bringing something so positive and energy-giving to my new life in california! while my yoga journey is still young, it has got much deeper and more meaningful along YiY. it may not show out, but the light is bright inside and the smile is there, too, when practicing with you. t h a n k s.

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