Musings during Mysore class

Although I may appear to be peacefully and meditatively practicing, here’s
a direct quote from the vrittis in my brain during the first 30 or so
minutes of Mysore class on Tuesday:
“What? Music? Are they really playing music? What’s going on? Is this a
joke? Did someone bring in a boom box or something? No, they’re playing it
through the speakers. What?! I come to this class for peace and quiet, and
I have to hear this? Should I stay? Yes, OK, everyone else seems to be
dealing with it. But it must be bothering them, too! Aren’t some of them
bothered by it? I HATE this music! I don’t want to hear this. It’s a
distraction. Uh, well, so are your thoughts, Connie. But I don’t want to
hear this f*$#ing Elvis Presley, or Willie Nelson, or whatever the f&$# it
is! I don’t want my consciousness hearing this. I hate oldies! I don’t
want to hear a stupid, pathetic love song while I’m doing my practice! OK,
breathe, observe the pose. Where’s your drishti… Is anyone else bothered
by this? Is this going to happen everyday? I could have stayed home and
played better music than this. Is it going on the whole class? How long???
When David comes over to adjust me, I’ll ask him to please turn it off. No,
I’ll ask him how long it’s going to be played, and then tell him I strongly
prefer not to have music. Has anyone else said anything? I wonder. OK,
are you doing your bandhas? No, pay attention. Stop thinking about it.
But I HATE this song!!! I’m going to email Philippe and tell him I won’t
come to these classes if there’s music. Yeah, as if they would miss me.
More room for someone else! Hmmm. Better focus on my practice. This music
sucks!!! Oh, now I like this song. Wah. She’s good. At least I’m hearing
a mantra. OK, breathe…”

I decided afterwards it was a good experience to see my vasanas in action –
Oh, no, I’m not reactive at all. I’m quite peaceful and centered. Keep
playing the music, David – I have some more crap to clean out in here.



2 thoughts on “Musings during Mysore class

  1. Dipita

    Wow Connie,
    It’s amazing how I had such a different experience than you – the first time I heard music a couple weeks ago in the mysore class, I also was surprised: Ofcourse, my immediate thought was that I wouldn’t like it but as I let go and decided to go with the flow of it, I actually really enjoyed it – the sanskrit chanting of “shivo-hum” clicked something inside me… I found peace in the voice and yes, once in a while I lost my count of breaths but I felt it allowed me to be “less serious” about my asana and focus inwards. And this tuesday, I just loved the music – don’t know the first artist (whose voice I love,) krishna das, willie nellie etc

    I was thinking on my long drive home after practice this last tuesday (as someone outside the door had commented about they never have been in a mysore class with music,) that I really enjoyed the variety of these classes – it allowed me not to get attached to any one type of practice and also made me realize that this practice was about going inwards and letting go of anything external(including having music or none, the seriousness of the asana practice, where you are in the room etc)

    I am thoroughly enjoying these sessions with David and Youngblood!


  2. Susan

    My most profound observation of music-in-the-Mysore-class? Most people seemed to have released the terminal seriousness that seems to come with practice. People were giggling and smiling. Ruth shook her shoulders in a decidedly non-Ashtanga sort of way, which cracked me up. I’m not sure whether I’m pro-or-anti-music, but everytime I think about it a little giggle comes up from my belly. How can that be a bad thing?



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